- What is Sicituradastra? -

The name;

Sic itur ad Astra

- This is the Way to the Stars -
It is a literary metaphoric line about reaching out further than ever before. By courage and dreams.
No matter what we want to acheive, the first step is to allowe ourself to dream. Without
dreams, we dont know where we want, what we want, where the goal is. The
dream itself give the direction, but it also contains the joy of anticipation for
what there may be ahead of us..

When we work to come closer to our goals, we should always remember that
feeling, and let that be the way we move.. With stars in our eyes, and joy in our hearts ;-))

Its an universal truth. Not bounded by any country, business- or work related,or special knowledge
or interest-related. No matter who we are, where we are, what we are, what we are good at and are
interested in - We are all a part of the Universe - and we are all reaching for the Stars.

Let`s make sure we never stop believing its possible..! ;-)

The world needs Dreamers, the world needs Act-ers,
but more than anything the world needs Dreamers who Acts!

You are welome to join us!

- AriZonaMoon -

The Team;

* We Dont Worry - We Just Crunch! *

Sicituradastra is a team of members who use spare computer resourses for the benefit
of different scientific projects. When a computer run, often totally idle,
it can be used to do some scientific work. Isnt that great? ;-)

It works like this; A main program called Boinc must be downloaded on your computer.
Through this program you can connect to different kind of projects, and follow it up
as you like. Its easy, and its a great way for people to co-operate for science..
Yes, everyone can join.

There are many different projects to find. Some of the most popular ones are;
Seti - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Milkyway -creating 3D model of our galaxy as correct as possible.
Climateprediciton - predictions of the Earth's climate up to 2080 and to test climate models

There are projects for medical purposes, mathematical purposes, and others.
If you want to be a part of a world-wide group of people who support this, come and join. ;-)
To get started go to Boinc Download site , read, and download the program.

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