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About Me
"The important is not to have, but to be. Count our blessings as long as there`s a breath of life in us.."

I am a strange little coconut called the Moon.. If you sometimes happens to see me, you may think what you want, and send a wish, as I prefer listening to your thoughts instead of your sayings.. Thoughts are so much more honest.. I live in the ocean and lighten up at nights, as nights are closer to my soul.. I have blue eyes and long hair, and at daytime I look like a witch ;-) Never mind..I can swim if I have to, even with heavy stones on my back. ;-) Perhaps you dont beleive me.. If so, you have not read this in the right way.....

I am born Near to The Country of the MidnighSun, one stormy, thunder- and lightning Night.. So my mum said.. And look what it has become of me.. mmmmmmmmmmmmhh (..dont know what to say...but I have no excuses) I`m living on this little islet, surrounded by 364 other small islets, the ocean and the sky. I just love it.

I use my sparetime on my two sons, friends and freaky stuff.. Noone could ever guess that..eh? pPpPp And just as you know.. If anyone want to tell me something about my friends, I want you to take a moment, and let it go through the 3-Filter-Test first.. what? dont you know what it is? ..ok..since it is so important, go and read This ;-)

What I am scared Of? blindness..
I am Happiest When the smiles and the music lives.., when a 100 candles have been ligthened, and the illusion of time has disappeard... Nice place to Stay!

My Desire is The Tears from an honest, happy heart..

My Work: Hostess of The Land in the Ocean. When I become rich I am going to build an enormous Lighthouse for everyone to see, and then I will make alot of coffee. Cu then..

And..hey..before you leave.. Thank you for Visiting my web-site! You are always welcome. And if you want to, feel free to send me an e-mail ;-)

..From me to you.. - The Answer Lies Within.. ;-)
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