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Coconut-Quotes -

..as a human i have a surtain age..
but as myself im ageless..

" Don`t prove, just be..."
- AzMoon

Children give us a new view on the future,
eyes in the neck, ears to hear the silence,
arms that reach across the room,
and hearts with unlimited space.

Consentrate on your Life -
Noone can say that your or others
contribution to the world is
less than anyone elses.. because
noone have the full view of a humans
life, all the moments it has
contained..and all the people and
other lives it has touched..

We are all special..

The distance rather often makes the target of our longing
closer than anything. As what is near us and seen with our
eyes is outside us, but what is distant is coloured by our
hearts and stays inside us...

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