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The Prophet


Kahlil Gibran was born in Libanon in 1883. This book "The Prophet" is mentioned as his "master piece". It is about a prophet who speaks to his people.
He talks wisely about the old human beings problems and wonders, as is the same no mather where on the Earth we live. - about love, children, the art of giving, sorrow and joy..and so on.

This book is part of common knowledge, and should be read at least once, but pretty well over and over again.. Its said its a book about life standard..in oposit to living standard.. It talks bouth to the mind and the heart.

I have always loved this book. From i read it the first time in 1993, i have taken it in my hands again and again.. and every time it gives me both smiles and tears..and remainds me about how wonderful our existence is....

Its a well known book, and lot of people have already read it. Because i like it so much, i have desided to share it with you here..
Please, be willing to let it talk to your soul.. and feel the fresh air surrounding you.. ;-)


This is only a part of the book.. it also contains some more chapters, and the story about the prophet when he comes to visit his people,and when he leaves..


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