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-The appearance comes with the inner Content.-

This is a story about a man and a woman and a present. It could as well have been about a woman and a man and a present. Or about who ever. ;-)

A man wanted to give a woman a really special present. He thought about it for a long time, and looked everywhere after the right thing, because it had to be exactly in a particularly way to express what he wanted to tell her.. After much time and work he found the right present. He put it into a box, and then into a wonderful paper to make the present look nice, and it came out as a gorgeous gift.

So he gives it to her.. And what does she do? She looks at the present, grabbing off the paper, and says; “Ahh, .thank you. What a wonderful paper. I have always loved this kind of paper, and there it is. I want to keep it. But that box is not my style.” And then she runs away with the paper, and he is staying left with the present that was inside. She never even looked at it…. What happened??

After a while the man understood what happened that day. The women didn’t understand that all that really matters was inside the present. And u can really wonder how it can be that she never had learned that... But the man wanted to try once more. So he took the present and put it into a piece of ugly paper that no one would think of using for a present... He didn’t dare to go to her with it, of course, because it looked so bad, so he put a nice card inside instead, and went to her party to put it on the table. He thought she would find it there, and since it was such an ugly paper on it, she had to look for something else inside.

When she came to the table, there were many presents. Some of them were in real almost empty, because the people that wanted to go to the party only took trickery present along for looking seriously giving. But she didn’t know that. So what did she do? There was so much interesting going on around her, and she had not time to sit down open those presents. It can wait, she thought. But she decided to open one of them.. Which of them should she choose? Yes, of course; She took the one with the most beautiful paper. And she never even thought it perhaps was a wrong choice... How could she know?

The man learned in the end that to give away a present is`nt much interesting when all the receiver care for is the paper. – Why have all the trouble with preparing a special present if it is so? And if the present doesn’t look so beautiful, only people that understand that there after all can be something good inside, will take the time to find it. He found out that when someone really cares about the real present, they may even want to keep the paper no matter how it looks like, because they think that is the way to keep the whole present, and that the paper in fact is a part of the present.

What do you look for? The paper or the present inside.? ;-)

-own writings
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