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Own writings

A different picture - Preface

It all started when I was 10 years old. After a drowning accident, where I almost lost my life. But instead I got to live further, with new experiences and new feelings for the future.

From back then I had this horrible fear for the number 23. I was sure that it was about my own age. But it was absolutely not about my own death. No – this was about something much worse then that. But what it was exactly, I couldn’t find out of.

After this accident I dreamt a lot. Strange dreams that often came true. Sometimes happy stories, sometimes sad stories. And sometimes it was pictures and cracked pieces of not understandable happenings, which my brain couldn’t identify – because it had nothing to do with my life as it was then.

When I became 22 life started to become very difficult for me. I got this panic for all watches. I hated to hear the Time. Hated to see the seconds run towards the future, towards something unknown, but something I just knew had to happen. As the months went by, it all became worse. The feeling of that something was about to happen soon came closer. I couldn’t wear a watch myself. That was too unbearable. I started to dream again – I cried in my sleep, but couldn’t remember why when I woke up.

But then things started to fall into shape somehow. I heard noises I shouldn’t hear, I saw things and people I shouldn’t see.. The feeling of fear and sorrow became even stronger………..

-own writings-

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