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Own writings

The border, 2nd time; the summer of 1974

My mother and I had gone for a bath. We were several people joined at a place down by the sea. I had a floating ring around my waist, and lied in the water not far from the shore, just paddling around. There were several kids around me in the water, and I saw the grown ups sitting on shore talking. All of a sudden the floating ring came too far down on my body somehow, and I tipped over with the upper part of my body, got my head under water and at the end the whole me turned upside down.. The next seconds is pretty messy, but I can remember I came up of the water one time, and understood that the ring had gone off me. Before I disappeared under again, I saw my mum jumping out into the sea. When the water again swallowed me, it was filled with millions of air bobbles , and my body was lightened up of the sunshine coming down from above, and gave the surroundings such beautiful colours.

This is a different world, I thought….. And I am a floating angel…………

-own writings
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