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The border, 1st time; the summer of 1970

It was a lovely summer day, and I was 2 ½ years old. We had gone for a Sunday trip to the place where my grand parents had a cottage. Me and mum, my dad, my grand parents, and some aunts and uncles of mine. I can’t recall much from this day, but what I do remember is totally clear.

I had been walking around on the beach for a while. There were a big lake, and I was standing there looking at it, and felt it was all so beautiful and good. Suddenly I saw a roll of paper floating in the water, not far from me. I turned around and saw all the others sitting in a half circle under a natural rock wall.. Beside my mum there was a baby crib . No one had seen the roll of paper in the water, so I decided to go and get it. I started to walk out in the water – but suddenly there were no bottom under my feet. There was nothing I could do about it of course, so I went straight under. I don’t recall anything more before I was aware I was lying in my grandfathers arms.. He was carrying me up to the others.

I was still lying like that.. On my back..straight over both his arms, which he held in front of him, when we stopped in front of my mother. I did not hear a word of what he was saying, even if I heard him talking. Instead I was looking straight down in the baby crib, and I saw this little baby lying there. That was the moment it for the first time came into my mind that I had a Brother. It was MY brother.. And from this moment I knew; From now on and in the future, I had to watch him closely, to make sure he was safe.……

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