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Own writings

Distance and darkness

Even if the sun is down, it’s up.. And when it’s up, it’s down… This is of course because it’s never neither up nor down, but resistant. And we know, that weather we see the sun or not, its there.. somewhere… giving us the warmth we need - to fill our heart with the energy of life. Even when we don’t see it, it is the same as we know when it’s seen. When what is dear to us is near, we feel secure and fulfilled. But when what is dear to us is distant, we may remain in the knowledge that it’s all the same…… The only change is that our way of view has become different. What is close to us we can see with eyes. What is distant we need something else to see.. Memory, or the eyes of the heart.. There were the power of love survives...just as the energy of life is filled by the sun - also through the darkness….. The amazing to experience in this is that the distance rather often makes the target closer than before. As what is near us and seen with our eyes is outside us, but what is distant comes inside us………………

The eagles have eyes made for the bigger view... Never has an eagle thought that what’s seen on a distance is impossible to reach. Even from above the stormy clouds the eagle knows about it all... and remains in self-confidence. Once seen, forever seen…………

-own writings
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