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Own writings

Time and the Silence

Sometimes, on what you think is an ordinary day, it happens something
that make you stop...and listen.. to the silence in the atmosphere. As
behind the silence there is some kind of knowledge. And because moments like this is of a high importance, you will see new points coming out of
that moment for a long time after.. over and over again, in different
ways. And you will see that they put your life together somehow, like if
there is going pats from happenings in your past right into happenings in
your presence. And in the middle of the daily life on this earth, these
moments of pats discovering gives a joy and gratefulness that is not describable. Every one of them tells at the bottom the same thing; we live in the middle of time, time is uncountable, unreachable and immeasurable. Time is a room, a reflection of itself and everything in it. Time is all in one. When these moments appears, you know that you are on the right map, and it gives more than anything an excitement to what comes next. Small moments of greater importance, giving us the will to live our own life in our own way. and to receive what may come with a better tolerance. The power of wonder........

The three eagles were singing a song I had never heard before, and still, it was dear to me, as someone else had been singing it to me whilst I was much younger. The vibrations of it made my heart smile......and a new path in my life were discovered. It leaded back to my childhood, when I was dads little girl. I guess he must have been the first guest in my moonroom.

-own writings-

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