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Own writings

The Beginning and the past..

Everything started a beautiful day in the land of the ocean. It was the 1st of April, and the sun was shining like it did the first morning of universe. The spring flowers were growing in a hurry; they stretched their newborn heads towards the sky, and whispered sweet words to each other. Mostly to give each other more energy. And it seemed to work. Itís amazing how a positive attitude can infect on the surroundings, and then again come back to the source. like a boomerang. Itís the glory of reflection. This is also how the moon lives. Therefore a Moonroom is a room of reflections, a place were people who is in it can be able to see the existence from another angle than they did before they came there.. The day it all begun the sky was high as the endless, and three eagles were flying in a big circle, singing to the spring............................

-own writings-

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