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The Mission
Mirror on the wall, and the wall without mirror, everything
is wall, therefore I need your longing. Look at me !
`Cause inside in my own longing lays a picture, locked up
in unknown depth. Only you can free me, unbound me. See me !
My dear, break the childhood’s witched mirror. Look!
Call on me with your look, as if you really see me.
We are standing under the earth, surrounded of our own darkness
Of shame and degradation, our life is a grave around us
Yes, even the loudest, most beautiful words can hold us in
a stone-cave we have to break out of. So see me. Hey! See me then!
We need each others longings. Behind sight line doors
of day and night they maybe meet? Tell me you see me. See me!!!
“S.Mehren” . . To English by AriZonaMoon

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