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On the bottom
How deep can you reach
into another human being?
We make ourselves to
knives peeling masks,
crushes lies
in old thoughts, tearing
down closes in
rusty dreams
making new undergrounds in
hidden rooms
Down there we are alone
together – one by one
Such a pain being so near each others
and only see the bottom in ourselves
Empty bodies
fear of the unknown
the loneliness is
totally and born oceans of fear
You found me, and know me
as no one could bear
Here is nothing to hide behind
Lying open and naked for you
You can murder my soul now
                                                 if you want –
But there, in the middle
of nothing It shows up – a thin,
strong line –
Love -
It’s the only thing
there is
the only thing
we know
        me and you..
                                   © AriZonaMoon 2004

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