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Life and our View about others

The men walk in a single line on the face of the earth. Each of them has a bag placed on his chest and a bag on his back In the first bag we place our qualities. In the second we place our shortcomings. Each man has his own criteria for deciding both shortcoming and advantages or qualities.

During this long march that we call life, We keep our eyes fixed on our front bag We keep our eyes on our front bag, although we aren't quite at our final destination, but we feel we shall arrive there soon.

During this time, on our backs we still have the weight of our vices which hang miserably. We pretend to ignore it, because we are too busy,

We consider our duty to reproach the defect of our companions, people around us, which are in front of us and we are free to see that they have a bag of drawbacks.

We consider that we are better then him, forgetting that those who walk behind us can also see our bag of drawbacks. Those also consider us less deserving and do not give us the respect we need.


Are we aware of what we are doing?

This short text should remind us that our position is relative among men: we are not better or worst then other around us. We should give our companion the benefit of doubt and give him the chance to change for the better, without reproaching his shortcomings.


"The biggest flaw of one is having a lot of
flaws and not trying to correct them. "

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