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Complain About What??

Discipline at the Brunwald monastery was terribly strict. The law of silence forced the Brothers not to talk for 10 long years. After waiting for so long, each monk had the right to say two words, but not one more.

It was Brother Hans' turn to meet with the Abbot.

"Speak Brother. I am listening," the Abbot said.

"Bed... hard," the monk replied.

"I see," said his superior.

Ten years later, Brother Hans met with the Abbot again.

"And what two words would you like to tell me?" the Abbot asked.

"Food... bad," said Brother Hans.

"I see," the Abbot sighed.

Another ten years passed and Brother Hans, kneeling once again before the Abbot, said;
"I ... leave."

"Well that doesn't surprise me," the Abbot exclaimed, "since all you do is
complain all the time!"


The punch line is funny, but the question remains: why did Brother Hans choose the life he did if he was not capable of profiting by it, if all that he was interested in were his personal comforts?

Like him, we often find ourselves complaining about things when all we really have to do is let go and take advantage of what the world has to offer.

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