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In search for the perfect woman?

I have travelled the world in search
Of the perfect woman.
After 10 years of search, I
Am determined to go home.

My best friend asked me:

-- So? You have finally met your
Perfect woman?

I told him
-- To the south, yes, I found the most
Beautiful woman. Her eyes were
Embers, her hair was golden and
Her body, similar to that of a goddess.

My friend was enthusiastic:
-- Oh my Lord! You have made her your wife?
-- Unfortunately I couldn't, She turned out not
To be perfect, because she was very poor.

So, I explored the North and I
Met a woman who was more
Rich that all women of the earth
Combined! She did not even know
How big was her fortune!

-- So, it was the imbodiment of
Perfection, right?

-- No, I replied. The problem
Was that it was the most ugly
Creature I have ever set my eyes on during my life time.

Finally, I fled to the east and only
there, I met a Women that was beautiful, rich and intelligent.
She trully was perfect ...

-- Well ... Have you married her?
Asked my friend

-- No. Because unfortunately,
This woman was also perfect in
Searching for the perfect man!


When you search for perfection, it's
Change that you will only find ...Disappointment.
No one and nothing is perfect in
This world. We need to be ready to search and
Face imperfection, and sometimes
We should be ready to renounce our demands.
We ourselves are not perfect, why should
We expect perfection from others?

Better: don't we encouter perfection
as soon as we stop searching?

Finally, can we say that true beauty
Is truly in these small issues,
In these anomalies that make us
Be even closer to each other, being more

"Look for success, not for Perfection. "
-David Burns-

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