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Do you know What you Are?

An old Amerindian legend tells of a brave who found an eagle's
egg one day and put it in a prairie chicken's nest. The eaglet
hatched at the same time as a nestful of prairie chickens saw
the light of day, and grew up alongside them.

All his life the young eagle did exactly what prairie chickens do.
He pecked for insects and grubs in the earth. He clucked and
cackled exactly like a prairie chicken. And when he flew it was
always in a cloud of feathers and only for a few yards at most.

After all, that's how prairie chickens fly.

The years passed and the eagle grew old. One day he saw a
magnificent bird gliding high in the cloudless sky. Gracefully the
huge bird rode the air currents, hardly moving his great golden

"What a beautiful bird!" exclaimed our eagle to his prairie
chicken friends. "What is it?"

"That's an eagle, the king of birds," clucked his neighbor.
"But you better forget about it. You'll never be an eagle."

And so the eagle forgot all about the magnificent bird and
died, thinking he was a prairie chicken.


Have you ever thought you were less than
you could be, like the eagle who thought he was a prairie

If so, think again...

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