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How to grow Wine

A wine grower named Giorgio called for his two sons
Pablo and Vitto and told them he would have to test
each of them in order to decide who was best qualified
to take charge of the property when he retired.

The two young men were very different: Pablo was
daring and mischievous, always smiling and friendly,
while his brother was taciturn and hard-working, but
entirely devoid of emotion.

The father gave them each a vine seedling and said:
"I want you to choose the place that you think has
the best conditions for your vine to grow. The one
who harvests the best grapes a few years from now
will take control of the property."

Pablo was in no hurry to get started. "I have a lot
of time before I have to start looking around. A vine
grows slowly, and only yields grapes after four years

Vitto knew that too, but he decided to find the best
place to plant his vine right away.

He planted his seedling on a parcel of land facing
south, on top of a rocky hill. Pablo made fun of him,
saying: "You idiot, you chose the worst possible
location! A hilltop facing south make the leaves
shrivel and burn, and soil full of rocks won't allow
the roots to grow. You won't get any grapes from that
vine at all!"

Four years later the father once again summoned his
two sons so he could taste their fruit.

Pablo's basket was filled with beautiful, juicy grapes,
while Vitto's basket held only a few small grapes.

Giorgio picked two grapes from each basket and tasted
them in silence. The ones from Pablo's basket were
filled with seeds and their size was due to all the
water they contained.

"Tasteless," his father said. But when Giorgio tasted
Vitto's grapes his face lit up with pleasure. "These
grapes are small but they're bursting with flavor,"
he exclaimed. "Their juice will produce excellent wine.
This is very good work. How did you do it, my son?"

"I followed a simple principle," Vitto replied.
"Like people, vines only yield good fruit when challenged
with adversity."

You may sometimes wonder why you have to put up with
so many obstacles in life. But now you can understand
that problems - the things that make you work harder -
are really there to teach you.

They are the events that form your character and make
you the person you are today.

So be prepared to confront whatever Destiny places
on your path, and use it to become stronger!


Collected- Author Unknown-  
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