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The Preserve Jar and to cups of coffee…

When the stuff in your life seems almost incapable, when 24 hours pr day is not enough,
then remember the preserve jar and the coffee…

A Professor stood in front of his students in Philosophy with some things on his desk.
When the lesson started, he took up, without saying a word, a very large and empty preserve
jar, and started to fill it with golf balls. When he had done so, he asked the class if the jar was full,
and they were agree it was.

Then the professor took a box of small stones and started to put into the jar. He shaked the jar
carefully, so the small stones spread inn between the balls. Then he asked once again if the jar
was full, and the class meant that it was.

Then again, the professor took a box of sand, and started to fill into the jar. The sand naturally
filled the rest of the holes in the jar. Once again he asked the students if it was full. And the class
answered all as one...yes. As a last try the professor pored two cups of coffee into the jar. The air
in between the sand corns were now effetely filled up. The students were laughing.

Now, the professor said, when the laughter start to quiet. “If you can imagine yourself that this jar
represent your life. The Golf balls is the most important tings in life – your family, your dearest one,
health, friends, and favourite passions, the things that, even if all the rest were missed, and only these
things were left, it would after all do your life fulfilled and good.

The small stones is the other things that matter, as job, house, car, and so on. The sand is all the rest
of small stuff.” The professor headed “If you put the sand into the jar as the first, you will not got room
for the golf balls. The same thing goes for your life. If u use all your energy and time on the small,
unimportant things, you will never be able to got room for the most important things. Be aware on those
things that are decisive for your happiness!!

  It will always be time to do the housework and clean the. Take care of the golf balls first, the things that
really mean something. Get order in what u want to prior. The rest is only sand. One of the students asked:
“What does the coffee represent?” “I am glad u asked” said the professor. “That is only to show, that no
matter how fulfilled your life seems to be, there will always be room for a cup of coffee or two with a good friend.” ;-)

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