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But weeping seeing the profound, those exquisite pieces of yourself;
a chalice for the blind to drink your love of life. A soul left
as polished driftwood on your shell shared shore. Swoon to your heartbeats;
resounding grace heard in footsteps. Your walking upon the shore
crackles with pieces of forgotten dead, Crushed by eons of seas;
lost shellfish, crustaceans given up by Gods. Lady of fiords drifts
in and out with the tides, sliding against thundering chiasmic canyons
cradling the Abby of chaos. This nonspatial continuum stilled briefly by
the click of your golden amber necklace. Bosons’ wisps follow you,
as your flowers, you beget with abide. Unseen you wear in a world gone dull.
Fyera flits among warriors slain found souls éclat now sojourns to Valhalla...or you.
As others saw but carnage, you saw brilliance. Now I find shaded splendor
that your eyes beheld


author unknown

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