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...This is a Gift...
...to you in special...

Over the Rainbow...
...It`s my sincere wish that you every day will feel the gratitude of being alive..
and the joy of giving and receiving with respect and trust..
..because that is the true art..

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Inside my heart, and in yours too, there is a big room filled with love.. and I know its
ment to be shared, and I know it is easy.. Much easier than we often seem to think.
When ever talking with someone, or giving them a smile, or thinking about them - who ever it is,
and regardless if we say Yes, or have to say No to them - we should make sure we
truly wish the best for them.. what ever that might be..
And that in itself will make the difference...
- both for you and for them...

And when you hopefully receive this gift with a smile,
I hope you will pass it on to the next person you meet... ;-)

Gifts are ment to move, but it can change shape and direction. Receiving - giving -
receiving - giving... Ever notice clouds, rain, streams,
torrents, currents, rivers, sea, mist -> clouds?

We will always receive what we truly need.. but not always from where
we expect it. If you keep your eyes and heart open, you will know its true..

So go out there, and share your smile with the world..
I am sure you will feel even richer at the end of the day... ;-)


© www.arizonamoon.eu 2008

© www.arizonamoon.eu 2008